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 NAAAP Volunteer Job Descriptions
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NAAAP Elected Officer Roles



  1. Be the representative for the Association in all matters involving NAAAP.
  2. Provide leadership and guidance to the Association.
  3. Hold meetings as necessary in the performance of presidential duties.
  4. Be an ex officio member of all committees.

Vice President

  1. Assume all the responsibilities of the President in the absence of the President.
  2. Provide long-range planning and proposed schedules for NAAAP.
  3. Shall track all action items to completion or closure   
  4. Shall interface with, status progress of, and report on committee tasks and activities


  1. Maintain all records and correspondence
  2. Send out meeting notices and agenda items requests. 
  3. Keep and present minutes from Board meetings, General meetings and Special meetings.
  4. Receive and file committee reports.
  5. Inform those elected or appointed to office or committees. 
  6. Serve as chief administrative support matters for NAAAP


  1. Receive funds and deposit them in the financial institution approved by Board of Directors
  2. Pay bills for expenses that have been authorized.
  3. Maintain all financial records for NAAAP
  4. Submit financial reports to the board at the regularly scheduled board meetings or upon request of the Executive Committee.
  5. Monitor and report actual expenditures versus budget.
  6. Prepare an annual year-end financial report.
  7. Prepare and file all financially related forms, including State and Federal tax forms, as necessary.  Coordinate with Legal and Financial (CPA) Counsels as needed 
  8. Collect and secure funds received at meetings and events.
  9. Make change available for program activities.


NAAAP Committee Chair and Volunteer Roles


Community/Public Service 
The committee provides a variety of volunteer opportunities and other events to help engage NAAAP members in community outreach efforts.

The committee oversees activities regarding raising funds for NAAAP operation. The members will engage with corporations for their contribution as well as incorporate creative thinking to come up with various fundraising products.

The committee members are exposed to giving presentations to various companies out here in the Northwest, attending dinner meetings, creating fundraising events, and many more!

Marketing and Public Relations
Do you love getting the word out? Use your marketing skills to market NAAAP and raise its awareness within the community. 
This committee manages the relationships with all members of NAAAP. The goals of this committee include: recruiting new members, increasing current membership benefits, and promoting diversity within the organization. The committee is also responsible for communicating pertinent information to the general membership, obtaining membership feedback on events, and handling any membership inquiries.

Members oversee the production and layout of the monthly newsletter. The committee is also responsible for gathering content, editing, managing sponsorship ads, and supporting committees with information dissemination.

Professional Development 
The committee coordinates networking events, seminars, educational workshops, speaking engagements, and gathers resources to help NAAAP members further their professional development.

The committee coordinates networking events, membership management and retention, membership growth and conducting events that help NAAAP members grow closer together.

NAAAP uses technology to make its mission productive. If you think you have what it takes to build or direct the use of technology this is the committee for you.


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